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Turbomation’s Automated Systems bring the power of information technology and the reliability of industrial control systems together as one cohesive unit. Systems can be designed for any industrial sector and to match the customers unique requirements. Built on ingenuity and cutting edge technology, these systems are the optimal solution for the challenges the customer hopes to conquer through automation.

  • Complete Solutions
  • Fully Customizable Design
  • Innovative Ideas
  • Cutting Edge Technology
  • Quality Driven Solutions
  • Complete Service and Support



Turbomation develops complete systems for data acquisition and process control of temperature, pressure, flow, rotation, positioning, motion control, stress, strain, load, and many other engineering parameters. Reliable and high quality sensors, controllers, and drives are integrated into a single system that will be controlled from either a PC, PLC or both.

  • Complete Data Acquisition
  • Process Control Systems
  • Vision Systems
  • Reliable High Quality Hardware
  • Seamless Cross Platform Integration
  • PC, Mobile and Embedded Software